Why a t-shirt franchise

Almost 100% of people wear t-shirts. And a t-shirt is the way that many people use to express a message, or to define a style.

In addition, people are always renewing the stock of t-shirts they have. Every year, millions and millions of t-shirts are sold.

Owning a t-shirt store is one of the most profitable businesses. Customers buy a lot of t-shirts, and it is unlikely that they will stop doing it in the future.

But there is another reason. Although there are many stores selling t-shirts, the reality is that there are very few stores specialized in selling t-shirts.

Open a T-Shirts and All store

T-shirts and All was one of the first t-shirt store chains in Europe. The first store opened in 2006. And since that year, sales have always increased.

While most t-shirt stores are boring stores that look like offices, T-Shirts and All have a different style. At T-Shirts and All, everything was designed to create an atmosphere that makes the customer come in, buy, and come back again.

Here are some of the reasons for the success of T-Shirts and All stores:

  • Designs that customers are looking for.
  • Dozens of new designs every year.
  • Store decoration in a vintage style.
  • Environment designed to take advantage of customers’ senses (music, aromas, decorative objects, among others).
  • Because of our printing technique, inventory is low. But many designs are available for customers.
  • Gross margins above the average for clothing stores.
  • Competitive retail prices, which make customers buy an average of 2.6 t-shirts.

What you need to open a T-Shirts and All store

  • Average initial investment of € 15,000 (excluding construction and adaptation)
  • A retail space in cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, or in touristic areas.

What we offer

  • Plan and support for the installation of the store.
  • Training at our facilities.
  • We sell all the products you need, at competitive prices.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Operating manuals.

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